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Thursday, July 17

Treating Nerve Pain; New Technique Solves Old Problems

Treating Nerve Pain; New Technique Solves Old Problems

Learn about Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), a whole new approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain patients

Archive Now Available

Communication Approaches for People with Dementia

Say Yes to Stress!

How to turn negative stress into stress that is actually good for you and your heart health.

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ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs

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Virtual Training for Wounded Warriors

Physical therapists help returning veterans adjust to their new limbs.


Adolescent Pain Management

Therapy can make a profound difference in helping teens return to active lives.


Re-learning Gait After a Stroke

Specialized equipment helps patients harness the power of neuroplasticity.


Ergonomic Emphasis

PTs can play a prominent role in educating patients on proper ergonomics at work and home.

PT Talk: Blogs

Toni Talks about PT Today

Toni Talks about PT Today Blog Avatar

Strategic Meeting

Toni's eyes have been opened to a new professional avenue to pursue.

PT and the Greater Good

PT and the Greater Good Blog Avatar

'Can You Back That Up?'

Dean wonders if other rehab clinics and practices regularly audit themselves.

Striving to Be a DPT

Striving to Be a DPT Blog Avatar

SPT Test-Taking Skills

Jocelyn offers some tips she's learned so far on how to effectively takes tests in PT school.

Life of a PTA

Life of a PTA Blog Avatar

On the Job Training

Allison reflects on a few important job skills that she didn't learn in PTA school.

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Raising the Bar in Rehab Blog Avatar

Continuing Education Courses

Lisa asks other physical therapists if they have any professional regrets.

PT on the Run

PT on the Run Blog Avatar

Scheduling Conflict

Michael wonders what kind of message it sends when new patients have to wait weeks for a therapy appointment.

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2014 Salary Survey Results

See how your pay stacks up to rehab professionals around the country!

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An Orange County California clinic takes home our highest honor.
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App Reviews


Essential Anatomy 4

Essential Anatomy 4

All-Encompassing Anatomy App Is an Excellent Resource




Ankylosing Spondylitis App is a Helpful Educational Tool

Videos & Galleries

New! Video

Smarter, Faster, Better

Smarter, Faster, Better

The Spaulding National Running Center specializes in biomechanical optimization.

Photo Gallery

The Buoyancy of Water

The Buoyancy of Water

The aquatic therapy program at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute gets patients with SCI active and moving.


Educational Handouts

New! Patient Handout

Patient Handout

What to Expect on Your Child's First Physical Therapy Visit

A pediatric PT walks parents through the basics of that first encounter with the profession.

Clinician's Guide

Clinician's Guide

Getting Clients Back Behind the Wheel

Tips and resources for PTs working in driver rehabilitation.


ADVANCE Focus on Education

2014 Special Edition

This guide offers a comprehensive look at career development through education, plus event, course & degree offerings.

Student & New Grad Center

New! Top Story

Top Story

Surf's Up for Young Amputee

Shriners' patient Kaley Delker rides the Florida waves.

Main Center

Main Center

Student & New Grad Center

From student blogs to feature stories, browse our full center here!


Geriatric Function

Geriatric PTs: The Future is Bright!

Medicare Advisor

Clarifying RUG Levels, ARDs and Seven-day Look-backs

water wisdom

Aquatic Exercise for Breast Cancer

Additional Columns: