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Corporate wellness company Biogenesis Group specializes in providing solutions to MSK problems in the workplace

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As a provider of occupational medicine, my responsibilities are not only to the employer group but to the employees as well to provide the highest quality, effective care. As outlined in the Health Care Reform Act, the country is now moving away from traditional medicine to preventive care. The trend has moved toward care that focuses on prevention strategies and/or pre-disease management (PDM). It is PDM that yields the greatest return on investment by preventing the progression of risk factors into disease.

Prevention strategies save money by avoiding costly catastrophic injury claims for conditions such as stroke, cancer and heart disease. As our nation focuses on increased health and wellness programs, a greater demand for quality providers of preventive services exists. With so many wellness/prevention programs available it's difficult to determine what organization is best suited to the individual needs of any employer group.

Biogenesis Group is a Michigan-based corporate wellness company that was founded on the proven principles of face-to-face interaction, shared decision making and community participation, and involvement in program building for behavioral change. Their mission includes the provision of a full spectrum of services that targets health education and promotion to workplace populations.

One thing that makes Biogenesis Group stand out from their competitors is the fact that their face-to-face delivery system allows participants to build a relationship with Biogenesis Group providers, leading to participant self-efficacy that optimally facilitates behavioral change. From their list of services an employer can choose a program based on the needs of their organization and its employees, such as exercise and fitness, smoking cessation, blood pressure management, weight management, stress management, cholesterol management and nutrition.

Service Platform

A great challenge with any wellness program is not only to have the employees participate in a program, but to sustain their participation to get the true, long-term results that make the greatest health impact for the individual as well as for the employer funding the program. Biogenesis Group has discovered how to effectively engage and retain participants for long-term health benefits.

The Biogenesis Group service platform is customizable and flexible, which allows them to carve out the set of services that best suits our work force. Biogenesis Group was founded by medical professionals. They began as a physical therapy-based corporate wellness provider with special emphasis on musculoskeletal health. Their focus on MSK interventions at the workplace gives them a competitive advantage in the wellness marketplace. Biogenesis Group specializes in providing solutions to MSK problems in the workplace.

Health education/promotion is only the beginning of the Biogenesis Group service portfolio. They also provide analytics services including combining health risk appraisal data with any other health information source (claims data) and/or biometric screen results. The sum total of the data collected is then analyzed so the member population can be stratified into appropriate risk categories. This information then forms the basis for targeted interventions that might include a weight management program, smoking cessation or an exercise program. These three programs are the most popular, and arguably the most needed in many organizations.

Besides being a direct service vendor to corporate clients and developing a national network of affiliates, Biogenesis Group is now focusing on physical therapists interested in providing wellness services in their local marketplace. Preventive services are the wave of the future and PTs are already poised to provide these services based on their unique knowledge and skill set. Each of us are either at risk, or have overt disease based on the knowledge that we are all exposed, to some degree, to common risk factors. Regular exercise and weight management are the most desperately needed interventions for disease management. PTs operate in facilities that can offer these interventions and in doing so, can help reverse the deadly epidemic poisoning our country and overwhelming our heath care system.

Since PTs see patients more often than any other class of practitioner, they are perfectly positioned to coach patients toward healthy behaviors including exercise, weight management, nutrition and others as they currently do with the more familiar topics of home exercise programs, proper posture, correct shoe wear, icing/stretching protocols and myriad other teachable items.

In the work setting, a properly trained health coach, such as a certified wellness practitioner, is able to create an effective culture for change and inspire leadership to champion the cause for healthy choices. As a practicing physician in occupational medicine, I have seen the positive impact these offerings have made on our worker population and applaud the efforts of Biogenesis Group. 

Niru Prasad is plant physician for Ford Motor Company's Rawsonville plant in Ypsilanti, MI.


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