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Revealing the Results

The exclusive 2014 ADVANCE Salary Survey offers you the inside scoop from rehab professionals across the country

Vol. 25 •  Issue 5 •  Page 10

It's that time of year again! One of the most popular features among ADVANCE readers is our annual salary survey, canvassing responses from rehab professionals around the country to calculate average salary figures and ranges.

This year, we crunched the voluminous data and broke it down by professional title, region, gender, highest degree earned and more. A total of 1,622 respondents (96% of them PTs or PTAs) contributed online between November 13, 2013, and February 3, 2014, using the survey tool Zarca. Generally the salary picture looks bright for rehab professionals, with an overall average of $76,835, slightly up over last year's $76,103.

The following charts and graphs break down the information further. But don't stop there, because on the ADVANCE website (, we've crunched the numbers even more, with in-depth downloadable PDFs for each of the five regions of the country: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, and West. Thanks to everybody who responded and we hope you enjoy learning the results.

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Job Title & Gender: Among our PT and PTA respondents, there is a pronounced majority of females, outnumbering males by a ratio of about 2-to-1, and PTs constitute 70% of respondents.

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National PT Salary Range: On a national level, the most common salary range for physical therapists (26%) is $75,000-$84,999, followed immediately at 25% by $85,000-$99,999. When combined with the physical therapists (14%) who make $100,000 or more, an impressive 65% of our PT respondents earn at least $75,000 a year.

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National PTA Salary Range: On a national level, the most common salary range for physical therapist assistants (32%) is $45,000-$54,999, followed at 23% by $55,000-$64,999. Overall, 76% of our PTA respondents make at least $45,000 a year.

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Highest Degree Earned by PT: Reflecting the increased level of education within the field, a plurality of our PT respondents (43%) indicate they have earned a doctorate degree. Meanwhile, 30% say a master's is their highest degree earned, followed by bachelor's at 27%.

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National Male vs. Female PT Salary: Among our PT respondents, males demonstrate a clear edge over females on the pay scale. The most common salary range for males (27%) is $85,000-$99,999 and 73% of our male PT respondents make at least $75,000. For females, the most common salary range (28%) is $75,000-$84,999 and 61% of our female PT respondents make at least $75,000.

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National Male vs. Female PTA Salary: As in the PT comparison, our male PTA respondents outpace their female counterparts on the pay scale, but not to the same degree. For both male (31%) and female (32%) PTAs, the most common salary range is $45,000-$54,999. The difference is more apparent in the higher salary ranges, where 37% of male PTAs make at least $65,000, compared to just 16% of female PTAs.

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