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Walking along a quiet residential street, Brian Hickey, 35, was tragically struck by a car traveling more than 15 miles per hour above the posted speed limit. The reckless driver never stopped, leaving Hickey for dead. After being rushed by ambulance, he remained in critical condition at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ, for more than three weeks following bilateral decompression surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Dealing with the after effects of an eight-day coma, he was discharged to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

In addition to a traumatic brain injury/cerebral contusion, Hickey entered Magee with a subdural hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, two broken vertebrae-T7 and T9-and a crushed shoulder cap. Patients with traumatic brain injuries notoriously recover at different rates, and Hickey can be counted among the very fortunate. The accompanying photo gallery illustrates the time he spent as an inpatient at Magee and a few of the activities he is enjoying now that he has been discharged home.

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