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Measuring Productivity in Rehabilitation, Part II Rethinking Productivity

Vol. 12 •Issue 11 • Page 35
Measuring Productivity in Rehabilitation, Part II Rethinking Productivity


I was pleased to see the authors' new definition for productivity in the SNF environment. I am a PTA with 16 years experience with over 80% of that time spent in SNFs. For our electronic documentation I get a daily accounting of my productivity via the software. I also track my productivity data in a spreadsheet.

Our facility expectation is for all PTAs to be 85% productive. My average productivity for calendar year 2014 has been 78%. My lowest month was January at 73% and my best was June and July at 82%. I too employ "productivity-preserving-measures" in my work. I usually arrive about an hour early to work so I can prepare for my day, setup my patient care schedule and review patients' status from the previous night for any medical changes. I clock in just a few minutes before 8:00 a.m. and start patient care at 8:00 a.m. I more often than not do progress notes (off the clock) at home over the weekend. I document throughout the day for my daily notes. We have a weekly rehab meeting during lunch (most people stay on the clock for this meeting). I clock out for the meeting, but list the meeting time on my nonproductive time so I can get credit for it to help my productivity.

I treat one patient at a time and rarely double up my patients or "dove-tail" patient treatments. I treat people and not minutes or RUG levels. True productivity is a happy, satisfied patient and family.

My thanks to the authors for working to make productivity a more realistic measurement for the actual work being done.

Greg ,  PTAOctober 11, 2014

[QUOTE who="Helen PTA in Baltimore, Maryland"]I am a new PTA graduate and I was wondering what some of the productivity rates are for PTAs working in SNFs.
So far, I have had 3 job interviews and 3 different productivity rates: 88%, 90%, and 95%.
I know 95% is crazy but 88% also sounds like it is hard to achieve in a SNF. Are those rates normal or are there companies out there that have lower rates?
Thanks for your help![/QUOTE]

I too just graduated as a PTA and passed boards and now have a job in IL. The LTC facility contracts out to my co I work forand they have 100% productivity!! No one has come out and explained how this is possible when you have 2-3 progress notes due each day too. I am staying 2-3 hours later each night to stay on top of my documentation. They say you should do point of care where you doc while tx but the reality of doing that in a SNF LTC facility is not realistic as most pt's require CGA or max-A for some tasks and holding onto them while typing is not possible. Or you could totally ignore pt and go type notes while they sit but to me that seems rude and it makes the pts unhappy as anyone would be wasting time sitting....
frustrated PTA... Let me know if you get other answers from more experienced PTAs :(

sara October 22, 2013

Has there been a survey to determine the average productivity (%) of a PT in a SNF for true or true + supplemental time (as you define above. If not, what would you estimate that % to be?



Bruce October 05, 2011


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