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To the Editor:
I was glad to see this article in ADVANCE ("Crossing the Bridge," cover story, Jan. 31). After reading the article, I was able to relate to it because I am a PTA who is going to be graduating from a masters of science physical therapy program this May.

I noticed you only listed two schools, my school was not one of them. I am a third-year student at Neumann College, located in Aston, PA, in the Chester/Delaware county area of suburban Philadelphia. Our program is a three-year, weekend format program that allows PTAs, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and others to work full-time and attend classes to become a PT.  My experience as a PTA has helped me become a better clinician and has made the learning process easier. I am thankful for having a program of this nature because it had allowed me to advance within my profession, which has always been a professional goal of mine. 

Neumann is now offering a transitional doctorate and a DPT program in place of their Masters as of this year. I just wanted to inform you that another school is available for this bridging opportunity. If you would like any additional information regarding Neumann's PT Program, I would be happy to assist you. Thank you for your time.
--Stacey A. Dietrich

To the Editor:
I recently read your Jan. 31 cover story ("Crossing the Bridge"). As a Maryland resident and PTA, I wish there was a bridging program around here. They say as long as they continue with the demanding admissions into PT programs, they will most likely not offer bridging programs. This coming from a director of one of the PT programs in MD. 

I agree that PTAs need to have options for continuing their education. As of now, I need to work full-time, and it would be difficult for me to even go into a PT program, as these are also full time and demanding. I plan to look into forming a PTA group to challenge our state to at least open their eyes to this idea. Thanks for the article.
--Nancy Ramdeen 

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