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New Jersey Becomes 36th State to Achieve Direct Access

On Feb. 13, New Jersey became the 36th state to afford direct access to physical therapist services to its residents when Governor James E. McGreevey signed S2004 into law.

Like many states lately, New Jersey determined that direct access is not only in the interest of patients, but is cost-effective as well.

"This is a great day for the citizens of New Jersey," remarked New Jersey APTA Chapter President Kathleen Mairella, PT. "People who need physical therapy services now have the ability to go directly to a physical therapist when they need one."

Meanwhile, Wyoming PTs moved a step closer to direct access when its state Senate committee voted to endorse direct access legislation. The bill suggests physical therapists be permitted to treat patients for 12 visits or 30 days before a physician's referral becomes necessary.  


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