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ADVANCE Newsmagazines/Merion Matters
2900 Horizon Dr.
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Phone number: 800-355-5627
Subscribe by phone: 800-355-1088 (M-F, 8am-6pm ET)

Editorial Staff

Lisa Lombardo, ext. 1259
fax: (610) 278-1425

Continuing Education Issues
& Questions

Malory Drotar ext. 1477

Additional Resources

Maryann Kurkowski, ext. 1148
Reprints (50 or more only)
Jeanne Hudak ext. 1484
Website Issues & Questions

Media & Marketing Opportunities

Accounts Receivable/Billing/Collections
Christine Marvel, ext. 1211
Display Advertising Sales
Kevin Miller, ext. 1499
fax: (610) 278-1421
Educational Advertising Sales
Becky McCafferty, ext. 1454
fax: (610) 278-1422
Healthcare Facilities Advertising Sales
Becky McCafferty, ext. 1454
fax: (610) 278-1420
Corporate Communications
Christina Allmer, ext. 1476
Maria Senior, ext. 1147
Custom Communications
Alison DiPaolo, ext. 1371

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