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September 15, 2014 - Volume 25 Number 14

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Bending the Rules

Activity-based protocols for back pain - such as the one at New England Baptist Hospital - challenge conventional thinking, but the outcomes are speaking for themselves.


Back on the Road

Profiling a small yet integral specialization on the rehabilitation spectrum - driver rehabilitation, which keeps clients independent and engaged.

Taping for Post-surgical Bruising

Dramatic photos reveal the potential of elastic therapeutic tape to reduce bruising and swelling in a post-surgical patient.

Upwardly Mobile

It's an exciting time in neurorehabilitation. Therapists working with functionally compromised patients can harness new research to improve gait outcomes.

Know your Science

For this New York City PT, low-level laser therapy is proving to be the secret weapon in helping people with chronic pelvic pain.


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Gait Training for Stroke: Clinicians at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute in Florida are lining up to incorporate new gait training equipment that's resulting in remarkable outcomes for patients post-stroke. With approximately 4 million Americans living with the effects of stroke, restoring functional gait is a primary rehabilitation concern.


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