5 Popular Pilates Exercises

ADVANCE is proud to present this five-part video series of popular Pilates exercises.

Meghan Tierney, PT, MPT, OCS, owner, One Physical Therapy and Wellness guides you through the Hundred, Criss Cross, Roll Up, Plank, and Side Bend.  Tierney breaks down each exercise, focusing on correct form, so you'll get the maximum benefits.

For more on Pilates, be sure to check out the November 29th issue of ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine. Plus, click here for more helpful online Pilates information!

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I believe Melissa Turnock spoke well to caution Physical Therapists (the main audience for this series) about the dangers in teaching a movement system without having the fundamentals in place. As a Pilates educator, Gyrotonic® instructor and practicing Physical Therapist the body of knowledge possessed by well-trained movement specialists is not easily amenable to a short video series of disparate exercises.

I would no sooner teach individual exercises as a way to "learn Pilates" than I would treat a hip by simply looking at that joint. What's lost is the holism and the thoughtful progression of Pilates Rehabilitation in discretizing the approach into singular movements.

Some will take from this series what they want, apply it how they want, and still produce an overall positive outcome. If it inspires them to go on and get more formalized Pilates Rehab training, all the better. But they should keep in mind that they are not "doing Pilates", and they may be putting some people and reputation of the Pilates approach at a higher risk.

Bob Schroedter,  PT, DPT,  movethrurehab.comDecember 14, 2010
Miami Beach, FL

Thank you, this is a great new feature from Advance and I love it!! I will do theses!!! Nicely done, simple instruction that anyone in the field should be able to follow without any difficulty.

Patricia ,  PTA,  ContractDecember 13, 2010

I loved Megan's video! She is clear and concise - can't be easy to do the 100 AND talk at the same time..I am looking forward to the next video on 11/22.

Elizabeth PitneyNovember 18, 2010
Wayne, PA

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