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SAN FRANCISCO -- Almost all right-handers experience right side weakness at some time in their life. From carpal tunnel to a broken arm, from a sprained wrist to a more permanent injury, righties with injuries can benefit from well-designed ergonomic left-handed tools and aids. offers a selection of left-handed tools and aids designed for new or temporary left-handers to operate. Physical therapists can assist right-handers in finding and learning to use a wide array of left-handed items, enabling new or temporary lefties to function well, and to avoid further injury.

Useful left-handed items include left-handed mice (many people with carpal tunnel or who are heavy computer users opt for having both a left and right mouse), left-handed Visio pens that allow writers to see what they're writing, ultra-ergonomic folding left-handed canes, and left-handed scissors of all types. Other items include left-handed measuring cups and mugs, left-handed can openers and kitchen tools, left-handed notebooks and left-handed pens.

Lefty's custom left-handed writing and left-handed shoe tying training sets, left-handed spatulas and cooking mitts, left-handed measuring tapes and box cutters, and left-handed gardening tools are other offerings from the site.


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