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Pilates and the Spine

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Susan King, PT, CBT, of East Cooper Medical Center in Mt. Pleasant, SC, specializes in the rehabilitation applications of Pilates for the treatment of physical dysfunction, posture abnormalities and pain.

King works with adolescent scoliosis patients whose spines are easily adaptable to change. She has begun to incorporate the approach of Katharina Schroth, a German therapist who pioneered scoliosis rehab more than 90 years ago, with her scoliosis patients. King believes that a hybrid approach that combines Schroth's systematic approach of spine correction together with Pilates-based de-rotational exercises provides greater options for scoliosis reduction and management.

She finds that her teen patients love working out on the Reformer, Trapeze and Pilates Chair and tend to be more compliant than with bracing and other approaches. Please click through a few photos that demonstrate the use of Pilates in King's outpatient clinic. For more, read "Structural Correction" in the April 3 issue of ADVANCE.

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i look for spesialist to my dauther Huda
she suffer from scoliosis 43 cob angle
she has 14 year old

ahmad alkhafaji,  engineer,  environmentel researchApril 30, 2013
babylon, AZ

Maureen, We are not far from you in Pittsburgh. I am a PT and own a clinic PHI Pilates Studio. We also have training courses at our facility. Please see our website

christine Ruby PHI Pilates StudioFebruary 05, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks for both of your comments...
I highly recommend buying Scroth's book, "3-D Treatment of Scoliosis" for solid foundation as well as exciting and remarkable information & photographs.
Schroth certification is available in the USA (search internet for locations/dates).
Another idea would be to go to YouTube and search for videos produced by Balanced Body Pilates and Polestar Pilates that feature examples of spine correction exercises using pilates apparatus.
Finally, Polestar Pilates offers PTs rehab oriented education for the treatment of scoliosis.
Hope this is helpful.

Susan  King ,  Senior therapist,  East Cooper RehabMay 24, 2012
Mount Pleasant , SC

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