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Two physical therapists combine traditional physical therapy methods with the exercise approach of Joseph Pilates at Physical Therapy and Pilates Restoration LLC (PTPR) in Cheshire, CT. Treatment sessions often begin with manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue work and joint mobilization to reduce the patient's pain level before beginning strengthening exercises with Pilates.

In the beginning of this video, Kirsten Albrecht, MSPT, CPI, physical therapist, Pilates practitioner and owner of PTPR, is working with a patient who was involved in a car accident and has multiple, chronic problems. The patient has rotator cuff tendinitis, stiff joints, pain and impingement in the shoulder, and stiffness in the C6/C7 area of her neck. Albrecht performs hands-on techniques to mobilize her cervical and thoracic spine.

Once pain levels are under control, the patient is progressed through a series of exercises on the clinic's Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Trap table, and Combo chair.

"Pilates teaches patients how to learn about their bodies from head to toe so they are able to develop new movement strategies, learn about the muscles in their bodies, determine where to initiate a movement from and how to transfer that into functional movement," explained Mollie Fitzsimmons, DPT, MSPT, CPI, staff PT and Pilates practitioner, PTPR.

Under the direction of Pilates-trained physical therapists, patients may overcome muscular imbalances associated with injury.

For more on Physical Therapy and Pilates Restoration LLC, read "Powerful Punch of Pilates" in the November 14 issue of ADVANCE.


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