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Omron Healthcare Offers OTC Electrotherapy Unit

LAKE FOREST, IL -- Omron Healthcare, a manufacturer and distributor of wellness and pain relief products, announced Sept. 18 the release of a new electrotherapy device for muscle and joint pain relief. The Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief unit (PM3030) is FDA cleared and now available to U.S. consumers without a prescription.

Launched in conjunction with a new educational website,, the pain solution is currently available at and through several retailers including and

"As a pain management physician for 15 years, I've found electrotherapy to be a valuable pain management option," said Dr. Rajive Adlaka, a board certified physician specializing in anesthesia and pain management. "One of the most important aspects of this therapy is that it's 100 percent drug free. It essentially has no side effects and there's no fear of addiction."

Utilizing TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) technology, the pads for the Omron electroTHERAPY unit are placed near the site of the pain and deliver gentle pulses to alleviate stiff, achy, or sore muscles and joints.

"There are as many as 100 million people in the U.S. with acute or chronic pain. Omron electroTHERAPY for pain relief may help alleviate their pain in as little as 15 minutes," said Maureen Perou, senior product manager at Omron. "What's different about this product is that it demystifies and simplifies a time-tested therapy. It's like having a physical therapist by your side whenever you need it."

Featuring three preset programs each with five levels of intensity, the controls allow for personalization according to the type of pain. The unit fits in the hand or pocket and includes two long life pads good for up to 150 uses.

Suggested retail price for the device is $69.99 and replacement pads (set of 2) are $19.99. Currently available online, Omron electroTHERAPY will soon be in local drugstores across the country.

Omron's other products include home blood pressure monitors, pedometers, heart rate monitors and electrotherapy devices. Visit

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