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Effective Treatment Strategies for Low-Level Laser Therapy

This is a general guide to explain simple, yet effective treatment strategies for low-level laser therapy application on common conditions seen in everyday practice.

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This guide is designed to be utilized with low level laser therapy devices ONLY. These are defined as Super Pulsed or Continuous Wave Laser Therapy devices where the mean output of power is less than 500 mW or FDA-cleared Class 3b or lower. The suggested doses are based on the guidelines presented by the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT), which have been compiled during meta-analysis. It is imperative to understand the power output of your laser therapy; not just its overall power but how the laser energy is delivered: either Super Pulsed or Continuous Wave. The following chart provides general dose guidelines.

Remember, these are starting points and the dose you use should be adjusted (up or down) depending on the patient's reaction to the treatment. For Super Pulsed Lasers, normal doses range between 1 J/cm2 and 4 J/cm2. For Continuous Wave Lasers, the range is between 4 J/cm2 and 16 J/cm2. The difference between these is attributable to the greater power density of Super Pulsed lasers, which thus allows smaller doses. This provides a dosimetry range from lower to higher. It should be noted that while a dose may be termed "higher" it is not large, but simply falls on the higher end of the recommended dosimetry range.

Hover over the 'hot spots' below using our virtual laser and then click to reveal each guideline!

*All information provided by Multi Radiance Medical®.


Nice post! Thanks for sharing this useful article.

Tiger SupplyMay 14, 2014
Irvington, NJ

Very Helpful!Super Pulsed laser is super effective on most acute and chronic conditions that we see.

Al Ozersky,  PTJuly 30, 2012
Aurora, ND

Great article! Thank you for posting!!

Renee July 17, 2012


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