ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine
May 28, 2015

Differential Diagnosis

Tendinitis or Tendinosis?

Tendinosis, the degenerative condition in a tendon, is far more severe and much less diagnosed than its cousin tendinitis, an inflammatory condition. Although tendinosis diagnoses are less common, the condition is actually more prevalent, especially among athletes. The more alarming fact is that popular treatments for tendinitis can actually have little-to-no success when treating tendinosis, which could delay or even terminate an athlete's career.  Causes Behind Symptoms

Tracking Patient Satisfaction

"Quality improvement in patient care is paramount for all practice owners. Some may assume that a good clinical outcome is a proxy for a patient's satisfaction, and it certainly can be. However, that doesn't provide any insight into whether a former patient's experience was at a level that would be supportive of (or maybe even evangelistic about) your practice."  Measuring Issues

2015 ADVANCE Focus on Education

Check out the 2015 ADVANCE Focus on Education special edition! This annual issue serves as a comprehensive resource of education providers offering events, courses and degrees. It also contains helpful advice and articles on healthcare reform and its impact on jobs, financing a higher degree, bridge programs for working clinicians, and more.  Take a Look

Blog: Treating a Difficult Patient

"It's bad enough we struggle for respect from physicians and occasionally other disciplines. I'd say the majority of the population doesn't know what we do or the amount of education required to be a therapist. Usually if we work hard and prove ourselves, the respect follows. Or we generate recognition that what we do requires skill and training. That wasn't true of a woman I attempted to work with last weekend."  Toni Talks About PT Today