ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine
March 26, 2015

Industrial Rehab

Work Performance: Program Building

"When athletes get injured on their fields and courts of play, the acute medical response to them is swift. Intense. Thoughtful. And that's true for everybody -- parents, youth and injured workers. It's after athletes are stabilized that their treatment changes, becoming more intense. Quite frankly, their rehabilitation is rigorous because their work, their sport, is rigorous. If that's the case, why don't we, as a medical community, treat injured workers  in the same manner?"  Training Environment

A Family's Journey

"In my last article for ADVANCE , I told the story of my parents coping with recovery from multiple strokes. I'm happy to report that as of this writing, both of my parents are still living independently and coping as well as possible in their home of 35 years, Over the past year, there have been many ups and downs but here is what we as a family have learned along the way."  Communicate Regularly

Rethinking Employee Retention

"Many valuable older workers could stay productive on the job with some modifications to their work environment. Employers today are facing the fact that we need to keep older workers in place longer and help them stay healthy. Baby boomers make up about one-third of the U.S. workforce and for the first time in several generations, there aren't enough younger workers to replace them."  Fears & Myths

Blog: State Advocacy Days

"I recently attended my state's Advocacy Days in Florida's capital city, Tallahassee. This event was organized by the state professional association (FPTA) and focused on current efforts to update our practice act to give full, unrestricted direct access, among some other changes. A ton of the information was over my head, but overall it was a great learning experience."  Striving to Be a DPT