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April 24, 2014

Practice Management

Move to the Cloud

"Cloud computing is today's big buzz phrase, from personal cloud services to business infrastructure to sharing healthcare information. It can seem as far away as the clouds from your office computer, but using it is a critical part of your paperless strategy. It's also closer than you might imagine. While healthcare ranks next to last in adopting cloud computing, the number of healthcare IT professionals using it is up 30% from a year ago."

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Blog: Saying Goodbye

"I completed my final day of clinical... ever. I'll never have to sign 'SPT' again. I won't need to have notes cosigned. And I will never, ever fill out a self-assessment of clinical skills again. I feel like I suddenly grew up, got kicked out of the house, and all I'm really waiting for is a small piece of paper to tell me that I'm on my own."  Journey of a DPT Student

LinkedIn or LinkedOut?

"Whether you like it or not, you need to take your job search on the social media road. But even then, there are numerous do-and-don't rules you need to follow. And the most important place of all to cross your t's and dot your i's is your LinkedIn profile."  Start Networking

2014 Salary Survey Results!

One of the most popular features among ADVANCE readers is our annual salary survey, canvassing responses from rehab professionals around the country. This year, we crunched the voluminous numbers by professional title, region, gender, highest degree earned and more.  How Does Your Pay Stack Up?

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