ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine
February 4, 2016

New Patient Handout!

5 Myths About Physical Therapy

"Is it painful? Who pays? Do I need a prescription? If you have never visited a physical therapist before, or perhaps heard a negative perspective that discouraged you from doing so, the truth is physical therapy can actually transform your life and lead to a healthier you. This patient handout details five common misconceptions about the profession."  Injuries and Accidents

Standing to Treat Genetic Conditions

Two brothers with spinal muscular atrophy can now walk, run and play tag.  Pediatric Mobility

Premium Performance, Part 2

In elite sports, the mental edge can mean the difference between victory and defeat.  Confidence Is Key

Measuring Arthritic Hand Function

Therapists can improve at asking the simple questions to help address dysfunction in older adults.  Geriatric Journal