ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine
May 19, 2016


E-stim for Wound Healing

Pressure ulcers are a common sequela of prolonged hospitalization. These wounds are particularly prevalent in individuals who have experienced a spinal cord or brain injury, due to prolonged immobility, incontinence, and impaired skin integrity. Patients are being admitted to acute rehabilitation hospitals sooner and more medically compromised than in the past, and often present with pressure-related wounds on their sacrum, buttocks, scapulae, and around other bony prominences.  Electrotherapy

Physical Therapy in the ER

The physical therapists at Cape Cod Hospital, a seaside facility nestled in Hyannis, Mass., are providing services in the emergency department (ED) to enhance patient care. Clinicians are at the ready to diagnose, treat and educate a variety of patients with the goal of ensuring safe patient discharges while increasing patient satisfaction and reducing hospitalization rates and revisits to the ED.  How to Bring Rehab to the ED

New Trends in Job Searches

The unemployment rate in the United States was a mere 5% in December 2015, the same as in the previous 2 months and the lowest in more than 7 years, ( This indicates that jobs are available and that people seeking a new job just need to know where to look. In 2016, that means online.  Social Media

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To stay in the game, you need tools that match exactly what you need. That’s why general career development sites can’t cut it. They offer universal resources that usually don’t even apply to your industry. ADVANCE, on the other hand, offers only the most relevant, title-specific healthcare resources to keep your career running at full speed.