ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine
April 23, 2015


The 'Minimal Muscle' Home

What therapist hasn't witnessed a patient struggle with the issue of when to acquire adaptive equipment? Getting a lift chair before it's needed minimizes the use of muscles, and is a common example of a poor adaptive aid purchase. Do power-driven adaptive aids (lifts, openers etc.) really help if they decrease the need for patients to continue using an existing motor skill, or to maintain strength that could be useful in the future?  Ambulation and Accessibility

Blog: PT Cost-Effective for Back Pain

"The American Physical Therapy Association issued a press release this month detailing a recent study from the scientific journal BMC Health Services Research. It demonstrated that early and guideline-adherent physical therapy following an initial episode of acute, non-specific low-back pain (LBP) resulted in lower costs and reduced use of healthcare resources over a two-year period."  ADVANCE Perspective

A Buffet of Choices

Today's training world for continuing education units carries many new formats that most therapy licensing boards accept within their practice act requirements. Learning the differences by reviewing the advantages and disadvantages can be helpful as you start to map out your yearly plan of courses.  Less-traveled Roads

Blog: Who Is Going to Pay for This?

"Direct access is meaningless unless payers are going to reimburse for the service. Requiring a physician's order to receive reimbursement negates the whole point of direct access. You would think there is a push on payers to recognize direct access and reimburse accordingly."  Toni Talks About PT Today

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